Sunday, April 21, 2019

Understanding the Three Types of Water that can Flood your Home

One of the many stressful events a homeowner can experience is water damage. Water damage in some cases is often unavoidable, like floodwater intruding your property or having a leaky roof making it possible for rainwater to get into your home.

Water enters your home in any means and at any time can generate water damage. Whichever the causes are, the effects are constantly terrible. Moreover, contact with such kind of water can lead to health risks.

Why it is necessary to understand the categories of water damage?

The first thing you do as an owner when flood water damage got into your home, is to bring everything back to its normal phase, that includes cleaning out and drying up of the affected area. But, most people might have not known that water damage has different categories and each type is associated with danger. Understanding each type of water damage prevents you and your whole family from any harmful effects.

Below are the three types of Water Damage;

Category 1- The Clean Water

It is considered to be clean as the water is from sources that do not give rise to any harmful diseases, such as rainwater, water from leaky faucets, water that overflows from sink or bathtub and any appliances malfunctions that supply water line.

This category of water damage is easier to handle. Things that were affected can be salvaged. However, if the action in removing the water is not prompt or timely or no action was done after 48 hours, it can then categorize as category 2.

Category 2 – Grey Water

This type of water damage can bring health issues due to the contamination of bacteria and mold. The water in this category contains chemicals that could lead to discomfort to the skin and illnesses when consumed or contacted. The sources of category 2 are water losses from a bowl (containing urine), dirty water from washing machine or dishwasher and flood damage from malfunctioned sump pumps.

When the water seeps into a carpet, the technicians have to remove its padding as its sponge-like structure invites bacteria or mold growth.

This category changes to category 3 if action is not made within 2 days.

Category 3 – Black Water

This is the most hazardous type of water damage, considered as the grossly unsanitary water. The most common sources of Category 3 water are broken sewer lines, backed-up sewer mains, extended rain-events, flash floods, and even hurricane flooding. Sewage has human waste while the rising flood water is contaminated by the things it has passed by, examples are trash, oil and so much more.

It is essential to call professionals when this type of water enters your home. This dirty water contains pathogens that cause detrimental diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, Norovirus, Tetanus, West Nile virus, Tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS.

Time efficient is the key to handling any type of water damage. The quicker you take an action, the lesser the effects may set in.

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