Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3 Tips Improve Water Damage SEO

There are 3 things you can do to significantly improve the SEO of your water damage company.

Tip 1:
Get google reviews! Google reviews are so important and I highly recommend focusing on them. Most companies have less than 5 google reviews and this is hurting their listing. When you get over 5 reviews you will see the 5 Google Gold Stars. This is important because when people are searching online they are looking for reviews. The gold stars stand out. Water Damage SEO will help you get more clients, but only if you focus on it. If your not focused on internet marketing in for your water damage company than you will be left in the dust! Riverside Water Damage has the answers to your view problems!
How do you get more Google Reviews? Ask your clients! Try not to do fake reviews because google might penalize you. You will want to ask your clients to review their service and post a review on Google and on Yelp. Sometimes asking is not enough. You will need to call them regularly and remind them to leave a review.

Tip 2:
Get backlinks. Sounds simple right? Well this strategy can definitely take some time. If you don't have backlinks to your website Google will not rank you. What are backlinks? They are links from other websites (preferably in the water damage industry), that point to your website. The more links from other websites that point to yours, the more authority Google thinks you have. You see if you have a link from CNBC, or higher authority pages, Google will think your website is important.
How do you get more backlinks? One way to is guest post on Blogs. Ask the person to guest post on their blog and then you can write articles and throw a link in your website into the article.
Does that mean you have to write? Yes. You will need to write some content than ask other blogs to let you post on their site. Or if you have friends in the industry, ask them to put a link to your website on their website.

Tip 3:
Change your website and update regularly! Google wants to rank websites that are updated regularly higher than ones that are stale and have no new content. You must be putting new content out there. This can be through your blog and also updating your front page. The more content you have the better. The newer content you have the better that matches the keywords. (Like Water Damage Murrieta)
SEO for water damage companies is extremely important and really relies on the valuable content that you have. If you have good content, people will come to your website. If you have poor content, people will not. So it's important to have great content.

Well that's it! If you ever need any help or don't want to do this on your own, contact Restoration Mentor for support or guidance. They also have some free articles on how to do water damage seo.


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